I think I will be fine now. Thank you for everything hubby. 

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sept 30 

1.14 AM



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i can’t do it i can’t fucking do it

I’m falling back i can’t let it go i can’t fucking forget it

every time every day it happens. it pops up in my head. i can’t fucking let it go i hate it so much. i hate this i fucking hate this

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i don’t want to sleep

this drama is too good

after a long time its great to find a drama or anime that makes me feel like my old self. the old self that just spent hours doing the things she wanted and only cared about herself. its nice. its really nice.

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i don’t want to do bad in my school work anymore. its time to become the good student that i was before. i can’t lose sight of my goal which is to become a nurse. i really can’t give up or slack off. i have to try my best.

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please i don’t want to go to hunter anymore

for the love of good please let one of those schools accept me. please.

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i always try my best and hardest to be there for you because thats what i think you deserve. you deserve all of my love and what i have to offer you because i believe if you truly love someone you have to treat them right. you have to make sure you’re always there for them and thats what I’m always gonna do for you. i promise. 

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More Facts on Psychofacts :)


80% on my chem test i felt like i bombed. fuck yeah I’m staying :)



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